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The Sports Industry

Our firm has a unique focus on the sports industry.  Our team of experts addresses the unique financial, business and tax requirements of sports professionals and sports clubs with the aim of securing and optimizing the benefits of sports clubs, their players and professional agents. Our clientele consists of sports professionals and sports organizations globally, to whom we provide bespoke, tailor made, tax, financial and business planning solutions so as to ensure their financial freedom and success.


Our members and partners have vast experience and a deep understanding of the sports industry which enables us to help both athletes and clubs to hedge against any financial pitfalls and create, accumulate and preserve financial wealth. Our experience, expertise and reputation in the sports industry is supported by our memberships in the Sports Financial Advisers Association (SFAA), the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA), the British Association for Sport and Law (BASL) and the Professional Athletes Chamber of Commerce of the U.S (PACC).


We use a holistic approach when it comes to looking after the affairs of our sports clients and we advise them not only on optimizing their tax savings but on wealth preservation and protection, inheritance tax planning as well as offer general business advice and guidance.


The services of our Sports division which are geared both towards the individual athlete and the sports club are analyzed below:

Services to Athletes

  • Tax Planning and Structuring

  • Personal Financial Planning, Wealth protection and preservation

  • Retirement Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Global Personal Tax Compliance

  • Risk management planning (Life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, mortgage protection insurance, etc)

  • Post Career planning and Parallel sources of income development

  • Advice on building, protecting, tax structuring, commercializing and managing the Image Rights of Athletes

  • Valuation of the athlete’s brand image


Services to Sports Clubs

  • UEFA Financial Fair Play Compliance consulting for football clubs

  • Financial reorganization and restructuring for underperforming clubs

  • Revenue enhancement and cost control consulting

  • Feasibility studies for athletic facilities projects

  • Valuation of sports clubs, sports facilities and sports venues

  • Consulting to sports clubs on the formulation of the Clubs’ Image Rights Policy in connection with their players

  • Due Diligence audits of cross border sports business transactions

  • EU Citizenship procurement for third country nationals with the aim of facilitating their playing in European Leagues

The Sport Financial Literacy Academy


Professional athletes are probably the most financially vulnerable persons of our times and the numbers support this claim. The statistics are compelling: within 5 years past their retirement 60% of former NBA players have gone bankrupt or are under financial distress; on average three out of five UK premier league players who earn STG 30.000 per week declare bankruptcy within five years from retirement; 78% of all U.S NPL players are divorced, bankrupt, or remain unemployed within two years from their last game.


Career athletes often do not have the same level of financial literacy as people who took more conventional career and education paths. The unique financial challenges that come from life as a professional athlete, combined with the lack of financial education, usually lead to poor financial decisions which unfortunately have an adverse lifelong impact.


Our industry experts have developed a tailor made financial literacy curriculum, that can be used by Sports Academies, Sports Clubs, Players’ Associations, National and International Sports Federations, to increase their athletes’ financial literacy levels and encourage sound money management practices. We believe that through the APC Sports Financial Literacy Courses we can fight against, and reverse the trend of athletes making fatal financial mistakes and at the same time help them attain financial freedom.

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