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The hospitality and leisure industry represents one of the largest sectors of the Cyprus economy. During the last forty years there has been an unprecedented growth in the Cyprus tourism market which has given rise to an equal growth in the number of local hotels and other tourism related dwellings.

The growth of the hospitality and leisure industry in Cyprus is expected to continue, and along with it, there will be a need for the continuous development and upgrade of the local infrastructure to support this growth.

Our firm, with its in-depth knowledge of the hospitality and leisure industry along with a thorough understanding of the specifics of the Cyprus market, is in a position to support existing and upcoming projects and businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector.

Given the unique characteristics of the hospitality and leisure industry, when embarking on a project, it is important to have the support of industry experts who understand both the challenges and the prospects of the industry.

Our Hotel, Tourism and Leisure services include the following:

Investment Planning and Financing 

  • Hotel Project Screening to assess location and market suitability

  • Comprehensive and short feasibility studies for the viability of various tourism and leisure projects such as hotels, golf clubs, convention centers, spas, etc.  Presentation to investors, financing institutions and hotel operators

  • Advice on the financial aspects of lease, management, franchise or license agreements with hotel operators

  • Investment appraisal of upcoming projects

  • Evaluation of financing alternatives and advice on financing solutions including EU and local funding schemes

  • Capital budgeting and forecasting

Transaction Support

  • Valuation of hotels, hotel properties and tourism & leisure facilities

  • Due diligence review in hotel and other relevant businesses acquisition

  • Design of tax efficient structures and advice during acquisition and disposal of hotel and other relevant businesses


Financial and Operational Restructuring

  • Existing business review and preparation of business restructuring plans

  • Operational effectiveness review and suggestions for improvement of operational efficiency

  • Financial review and preparation of financial restructuring plans for the improvement of profitability and cash-flows

  • Preparation of business and repositioning plans


Destination Services

  • Preparation of tourism development strategies for the recommendation of suitable tourist destinations along with specific actions for penetration in the chosen destinations

  • Definition and development of new tourism products along with complete marketing and implementation plans

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