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Our firm has a concrete knowledge of the fashion business climate, as well as the complexity and sophistication of the global fashion industry. Through our expert team, we proactively structure the business affairs of our clients to help them scale and tackle the challenges of international growth.

Our services which are geared both towards startups and established fashion brands, are analyzed below:

  • Business and financial planning including business plan preparation, assessment of financial needs and design of the business structure. Setting up of business policies and procedures.

  • Product costing and pricing model including suggested payment terms.

  • Diagnostic review of the business in order to assess lack of or low profitability and cashflow. Recommendations for the adoption of processes and systems to boost profitability and cashflow position.

  • Financing alternatives examination for fast growing and expanding fashion brands.

  • Revenue enhancement and cost control consulting. Budget preparation and monitoring.

  • Intellectual property protection consulting.

  • Fashion brands valuation.

  • Preparation of business plans and projections for international expansions.

  • Design and implementation of international legal and tax structures to support the fashion brand’s international expansion plans.

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