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Tax & VAT Planning and Compliance

Tax & VAT Planning and Compliance

Minimum Tax Burden vs Maximum Financial Return

Having gained extensive experience in advising on both international and domestic tax issues over the years, our tax department, which is manned by competent, qualified individuals, is able to assist our valued clients in dealing with an array of complex tax issues.  Our main focus at APC is to minimize your tax burden and maximize your financial return while ensuring strict compliance to tax rules and regulations.  Our team of tax professionals includes individuals with proven expertise in corporate, individual, non-profit, estate and trust taxes.


Our tax services include:

  • Tax Planning and Structuring (Local and International)

  • Determination of Tax effects of particular transactions

  • Tax Compliance services

  • Preparation and submission of tax returns

  • Representation before the Inland Revenue and correspondence with the tax authorities in cases of dispute



Tax Planning and the Design of Tax Structures

In the current global environment companies are faced with a complex structure of tax rules and regulations.  Companies need to find a way to implement tax strategies which can support their business strategies all the while meeting their compliance obligations in the global arena.


Our boutique tax consultancy department provides advice and solutions to complex corporate and individual tax issues.  Our international client base has enabled us to gain experience in advising on international as well as Cyprus tax issues.

In recent years, an unprecedented number of changes have been introduced through new legislation.  These changes make it difficult for businesses and their owners not to comply with the law, but also to identify and take advantage of opportunities to reduce their tax liability.  Our tax advisory services range from tailored tax planning to specific advice relating to transactions.  We aim at minimizing your tax burden while ensuring full compliance with the law. 


We can also design the appropriate tax structure that fits your needs using many different jurisdictions.


Simplifying the Rules for VAT Charging, Invoicing and Payment

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax added on the provision, acquisition and importation of goods and services.


Specifically for Cyprus, VAT is added on the provision of goods and services within Cyprus, the acquisition of goods and services from the European Union and the importation of goods into Cyprus.


The rules and regulations related to VAT processing for companies are becoming more complex every day.  At APC we will simplify the rules for you and will assist you in establishing the appropriate procedures to facilitate VAT charging, invoicing and payment.

The current VAT rates in Cyprus range from 0% to 19% according to the category of the good and the service offered.


Our VAT department offers a complete set of services to cover the full government requirements and helps you reduce your VAT exposure through appropriate planning and compliance efficiency to optimize cash flow management.


Our VAT services include:

  • VAT compliance services

  • Maintaining VAT records

  • VAT registration/deregistration

  • Submitting the quarterly VAT returns and the monthly VIES returns

  • VAT planning and advice

  • Assistance in investigations made by the VAT authorities

  • Liaising with the VAT authorities

  • Claim of input VAT suffered in other EU member states

  • VAT Due Diligence audits

  • VAT reviews

Speaking the World’s Language

Whether you are a foreign company thinking of expanding into other countries or a local business planning on starting operations abroad, APC can assist you in making each activity a success.


In today’s fast-moving business environment, organizations increasingly need to think and act across national boundaries if they are to access new markets and achieve their growth potential.  In order to do so, they need access to exceptional cross-border consulting expertise.


Our considerable background in serving international clients whether these are subsidiaries of foreign based businesses or holding companies of foreign businesses, along with our membership in the TIAG International network, allows us to provide you with valuable and practical help that will enable you to adapt to and function in a different commercial environment.


From M&A planning and due diligence, to repatriation planning, transfer pricing, and international tax compliance, APC helps its clients navigate the complexities of inbound tax issues.  Moreover, APC can provide guidance on outbound tax issues such as foreign tax-credit planning, deferral planning and dozens of business tax issues.

International Business

Audit & Assurance 

Your Vehicle to Business Intelligence

We approach the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders.  It also serves as intelligence to help you run your business better, now and in the future:  a vehicle for both verification and continuous improvement.


For us, an audit entails far more than providing a simple report on your financial statements. Our audit will provide a better understanding of your systems and a greater opportunity to improve your performance. Our audit approach enables our staff to achieve a thorough understanding of your organization by employing analytical procedures that allow us to identify trends or unusual relationships within your financial statements.


APC’s Audit and Assurance services include:

  • Statutory and shareholder requested audits

  • Reviews and Compilations

  • Due Diligence Audits

  • IFRS Implementation Services

  • Reporting Advisory Services

  • Audits of Agreed-Upon Procedures

  • Internal Control Audits

Your Compass to Business Challenges

Entrepreneurs today face a myriad of complex business challenges.  To help navigate through these challenges, APC business consultants provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial advisory, operations and strategy.   The experienced professionals at APC provide consulting and advisory services to international businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals.


Our services are tailor-made to address the specific and various needs of each entrepreneur or organization and may include, amongst other, the following:

Business Consulting

International Business
Audit & Assurance
Business Consulting

Asset Protection

Every Day Accounting and Specialised Financial Management

Our team of professionally qualified accountants, in the firm’s accounting department, will undertake accounting and specialized financial management work whether it be day to day support in the preparation of accounts or company compliance with regulatory reporting obligations.


Our services include:

  • Maintenance of the general ledger

  • Maintenance of proper books and records

  • Reconciliation and analysis of bank accounts

  • Preparation of Management accounts

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for groups of companies

  • Conversion of accounts in accordance to International Accounting Standards (IAS)


For our clients that maintain their own offices with staff in Cyprus, our accounting department will undertake with complete confidentiality the entire payroll function which includes:

  • Registration of company and staff with the Income Tax Office and Social Insurance Department

  • Processing the company’s monthly payroll

  • Ensuring monthly payment of salaries, taxes and social insurance contributions

  • Submission of relevant reports to necessary recipients

  • Preparation and submission of monthly annual tax returns

  • Preparation and dispatch of monthly pay slips

  • Business Start-up and Corporate Structuring

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and strategic plans

  • Restructuring Services

  • Business Valuation Services

  • Financial Reorganizations and Global Assets Consolidations

  • Management Systems Implementation

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

  • Financial Analysis


Asset Protection

Asset Protection is a “catchy term” and it has a large element of risk management. 

The term usually refers to structuring of assets in order to minimize potential losses, within the broader framework of risk management.  The primary risks covered by asset protection refer to both operating and investment business entities as well as high net worth individuals.


Financial and Estate planning are usually intertwined with a business’s or individual’s asset protection structure.  A plan for building, preserving and protecting wealth is not a one-size-fits-all formula for achieving success.  Understanding the right approach to your financial, estate and trust plans has an enormous impact on the value and protection of your wealth and how this wealth is distributed to your beneficiaries.  We know that attaining your long term objectives depends upon the development, deployment and continuous measurement and refinement of a strategy unique to you.


APC, together with its wealth advisory associates, provides a comprehensive suite of services for managing and protecting both your personal and business wealth.  Our services are also rendered to select family offices worldwide, through which we serve a growing number of high net worth individuals and their families.

We offer the following services to help our clients grow and protect their assets and facilitate the transfer of such assets among family and heirs.

  • Structuring of assets and investments to aid tax planning

  • Advice on ownership, management and distribution of assets

  • Privacy and wealth protection structures

  • Asset Protection structures and Trusts

  • Inheritance Trusts

  • Financial and Estate Planning

  • Succession Planning for Individuals and Businesses

  • Retirement planning and Wealth preservation

  • Charitable gifting

Intellectual Property

Intelectual Property

While an organization’s IP is clearly an asset, it is not the type of asset that shows up in the organization’s balance sheet with a concrete value. At APC, we help IP owners determine the value of their IP assets and we assist them in the development and implementation of a strategy to optimize and monetize those assets. Our expert team helps clients deal with the myriad of challenges and complexities of the IP sector, by defining, generating and evaluating strategic options as well as navigating the many paths to IP monetization.


Cyprus has one of the most beneficial Intellectual Property (IP box) regimes in the world and it is developing into a leading IP location. In fact, Cyprus combines an efficient IP tax regime and international protection through the relevant IP International Treaties and Protocols (including the Madrid Agreement, the TRIPS Agreement, the European Patent Convention, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Berne Convention, the Rome Convention and the WIPO Copyright Treaty) in all of which it is a full member. In addition, the EU directives and Regulations relating to IP protection apply and have been introduced fully into Cyprus domestic legislation. Therefore, with a single IP registration process in Cyprus, IP rights owned by Cyprus companies may enjoy full protection in EU Member States.


The new Cyprus “IP box” regime, which came into effect on 1 July 2016, is fully harmonized with the international developments relating to the tax treatment of IP income and recommendations under the OECD’s BEPS project. In brief, under the new regime, 80% of qualifying profits generated from qualifying assets will be deemed to be tax deductible expenses.


The new Cyprus IP box is based on the “nexus approach” which limits the application of the benefit/tax allowance, if research and development is being outsourced to related parties. That is, the benefits of the IP box regime are linked with the R&D expenses incurred by the taxpayer. 

Our IP related service offerings are detailed below and our team of experts is always ready to assist you.

  • IP ownership structuring for tax optimization and IP utilization control

  • Intangible Asset Valuation and IP Impairment testing

  • Structuring and implementation of IP sale, disposition and transactions.

  • Due Diligence Audits for IP

  • Royalty Compliance services

  • IP Portfolio Analysis

HR Consulting

Business Transformation from Within

In a corporate environment characterized by ever-increasing change and uncertainty, organizations need to act proactively to ensure that their business priorities and strategic goals are met, whilst creating a work environment which encourages innovation and learning, talent management, employee engagement as well as embraces a culture of inclusion which reflects the organization’s values.   

APC’s Human Resources consultants can provide the guidance and support required to adapt to the ‘future of work’, based on the organisation’s individual needs, in an attempt to unlock employee productivity.

Our services include, amongst others, the following:

  • HR Strategy & Infrastructure 

  • Performance & Talent Management

  • Employee Engagement & Company Culture

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Training Programmes

    • For All Industries

    • Industry-Specific

  • Mystery Shopping Services (retail and hospitality industry)

    • Evaluation reports

    • Developmental suggestions and actions

  • Mystery visits

HR Consulting
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