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Asset Protection is a “catchy term” and it has a large element of risk management.  The term usually refers to structuring of assets in order to minimize potential losses, within the broader framework of risk management.  The primary risks covered by asset protection refer to both operating and investment business entities as well as high net worth individuals.


Financial and Estate planning are usually intertwined with a business’s or individual’s asset protection structure.  A plan for building, preserving and protecting wealth is not a one-size-fits-all formula for achieving success.  Understanding the right approach to your financial, estate and trust plans has an enormous impact on the value and protection of your wealth and how this wealth is distributed to your beneficiaries.  We know that attaining your long term objectives depends upon the development, deployment and continuous measurement and refinement of a strategy unique to you.


APC, together with its wealth advisory associates, provides a comprehensive suite of services for managing and protecting both your personal and business wealth.  Our services are also rendered to select family offices worldwide, through which we serve a growing number of high net worth individuals and their families.

We offer the following services to help our clients grow and protect their assets and facilitate the transfer of such assets among family and heirs.

  • Structuring of assets and investments to aid tax planning

  • Advice on ownership, management and distribution of assets

  • Privacy and wealth protection structures

  • Asset Protection structures and Trusts

  • Inheritance Trusts

  • Financial and Estate Planning

  • Succession Planning for Individuals and Businesses

  • Retirement planning and Wealth preservation

  • Charitable gifting

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